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The services we provide

Wastewater treatment plant design

Any installation of a wastewater treatment plant begins precisely with the design and planning of work on those. to the buyer's request:

design of storm water treatment facilities

design of local treatment facilities

design of treatment facilities for industrial enterprises

design of treatment facilities for sewerage and other facilities.

It is at this stage that it is important to think over everything and take into account all the requirements / recommendations:

Design is:

The correct choice of the desired septic tank model based on the tasks / sizes.

Choosing a place to install the system, taking into account the convenience and availability of its maintenance.

Minimizing harm to the environment.

Shipping and payment


Our company carries out delivery throughout the Moscow time zone, taking into account your needs. For an accurate calculation of the amount of delivery, leave us your contacts using the "Call me" form, we will definitely contact you. Delivery in the city of Orekhovo-Zuevo is free of charge. Delivery across Russia from three thousand rubles, three days.


We accept both cash and non-cash payments.

Installation of local treatment facilities

We offer a complete, high-quality installation of treatment equipment and guarantee the correct and efficient functioning of the system, which in turn will extend its service life.

We carry out such preparatory work as:

Determination of the type of soil,

Measurement of the depth of groundwater,

Calculation of the installation site, taking into account the wishes of the customer,

Determination of the discharge point of purified water.

After defining the task and a list of works, our specialists on the spot draw up an estimate for the delivery and installation of equipment.

The most profitable complex is "Turnkey installation", we carry out all the work from delivery to the launch of the system ourselves, the list of works includes:

carrying out all earthworks for digging the foundation pit and trenches of the supply and discharge pipeline,
installation of a cleaning station in a pit,
backfilling the cleaning station with its simultaneous filling with water,
laying of the supply and discharge pipelines,
installation of pumping equipment and a compressor (if any), start-up and commissioning of the cleaning station.

Service and repair of treatment facilities
By signing a contract with us, you can enter into it a service agreement for your system, it includes:
Preventive examination
Diagnostics of the state of the treatment plant (diagnostics of malfunctions)
Timely local cleaning of the system: removal of sludge, flushing of chambers.
Minor repairs

If necessary:
Treatment plant repair

Replacement of construction parts and filtering material (paid separately)

Timely maintenance of the treatment system provides:

uninterrupted operation of the station

reduces the risk of breakdowns

prevents emergency shutdown of the system

increases the efficiency of water purification

reduces the concentration of harmful substances in purified water

reduces overhaul costs

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