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Industrial wastewater treatment system "Sengiley"

Ensuring high-quality treatment of industrial effluents is the number one task at any enterprise. We offer you to ensure the safe operation of your enterprise by installing an industrial wastewater treatment system, the most efficient of which is the Sengilei flotation device.

"Sengiley" is a wastewater treatment plant that is installed at industrial enterprises for wastewater treatment and purifies wastewater from various types of pollution:

  1. fats
  2. petroleum products
  3. oils
  4. Surfactant
  5. suspended matter
  6. organic impurities
  7. other pollution

Treatment of industrial effluents with the Sengilei flotation device has a number of advantages:

  • High speed and continuity of the cleaning process
  • Minimum operating costs
  • High degree of purification
  • Receiving sludge with low moisture content (90-95%)
The device of the Sengiley system:
  1. flotation compartment;
  2. compartment for overflow of purified water;
  3. flotation sludge overflow section;
  4. sludge removal pipe;
  5. removal of flotation sludge;
  6. purified water branch pipe;
  7. waste water supply pipe;
  8. system of thin-layer modules;
  9. recycle pumping unit;
  10. compressor;
  11. saturation tank;
  12. scraper system;
  13. scraper gear motor;
The principle of operation of the Sengilei flotator

The principle of operation of the Sengilei flotator:

The basic principle of operation of the flow-through flotator "SENGILEY" is to saturate a certain part of the purified water with air and then mix it with the purified water in the flotation compartment 1.

The pressure flotation process consists of two stages: at the first stage, the water is saturated with air using pressure, at the second stage, the dissolved gas is released under atmospheric pressure. As a result, due to the formation of numerous air bubbles on the surface of pollution, the formation of flotation complexes occurs. They rise to the surface of the liquid, thereby forming flotation sludge.

The recirculation process leads to the fact that purified water (in the amount of 30-50% of the total volume) enters the saturation system. In it, the process of dissolving air in a liquid begins. Further, by means of the injection system, saturation water, already saturated with air, enters the tank of the skimmer, after which it is distributed throughout the flotation zone. In the process of getting into the zone of abrupt discharge, air comes out of the water in the form of microscopic bubbles. They mix with contaminated waste water, after which they adsorb elements of coagulated contaminants on the surface (oil products, suspensions, fats, etc.).

During the movement of water in the flotation compartment, sedimentation occurs, here heavy mineral impurities sink to the bottom of the flotator in the form of sediment and collect in the conical part, and small air bubbles float upward along with adhering elements of pollution, as a result of which a layer of foam forms on the surface - flotation sludge.

After that, complexes with a low lifting force in conjunction with a water flow are supplied to the thin-layer clarification unit 8. Here, in confined conditions, the process of coalescence of air bubbles occurs, as a result of which the lifting force of these complexes increases.

At the final stage, the purified water is supplied to the overflow pocket and is discharged through the nozzle 6.

The foam generated in the process of water purification contains particles of contamination - it is removed from the surface of the skimmer using a scraper conveyor, dumped into a sludge pan and removed through a branch pipe 5 into a special storage device.

Sediment settled to the bottom from the conical part 32 is regularly removed using a tap and a pipe 4.

The process of commissioning the Sengiley system:

  • It is necessary to check the reliability and serviceability of the fastening of the installation elements and the fastening of all scrapers.
  • On the control panel, turn on the input switch.
  • Next, carry out a short start-up of the gear motor 13 of the pump unit to check that the direction of rotation is correct.
  • The next step is to pour clean water into the skimmer. When the skimmer is completely filled and water is supplied to the drain, start the pump unit 9. After one or two minutes after turning it on, set the required pressure in the saturator 11.
  • During the next two or three minutes, the water in the skimmer will change its color to "milky" - this will happen due to the emitted air bubbles.
  • Next, turn on the geared motor 13. At this stage, the foam product is collected by scrapers 12 and placed in the sludge pocket 3.
  • Run the wastewater pump into the skimmer, then adjust the required skimmer performance.
  • The need to use chemical reagents is determined based on the values ​​of the concentration of wastewater contaminants, as well as the requirements for the quality of the treated liquid.

Maintenance process of the Sengiley system:

The equipment should be inspected daily in order to detect the presence of malfunctions and any damage in time.

Check the operation of the air supply and recirculation pump daily.

It is necessary to remove sediment from the cone part of the skimmer on a daily basis in order to prevent its compaction.

Every two days, it is necessary to check the correct operation of the motor-gearboxes of the scraper system, as well as control the speed and correct rotation of the scrapers.

The bearings of the saturation pump shaft should be lubricated with a special compound once a week.

When the unit is operating in auto mode, the degree of tension of the chains of the scraper mechanism should be checked at a frequency of at least once a week. If slack is found, it is necessary to tension the chains using a tensioner to prevent skewing of the shafts of the sludge remover and other problems in the operation of the system.

Once or twice a year, you need to rinse the skimmer tank with clean water, as well as clean it from dirt and grease.

General requirements and instructions for ensuring the security measures "Sengiley":

Persons who are at least 18 years old who are familiar with its structure and principles of operation are allowed to work with the equipment.

Employees from service personnel are obliged to:

  • know the specifics of the device, be able to control and configure the skimmer;
  • be able to identify various malfunctions;
  • keep the working area clean and tidy;
  • have the necessary tools and materials available to service the equipment.

Safety rules of the Sengiley system:

  • The equipment must not be used in rooms with high humidity.
  • It is forbidden to lean on or stand on the elements and pipelines of the skimmer. To service the equipment, you must use special stands.
  • It is forbidden to use faulty equipment.
  • All hose and pipe connections must be tight and secure to avoid leaks, water ingress on electrical appliances and pipe ruptures.

Electrical safety rules for the Sengilei flotator:

  • All equipment must be carefully grounded; operation without grounding is strictly prohibited.
  • All repair work must be carried out exclusively with the power supply disconnected.
  • Power connection should be performed in accordance with the existing Electrical Installation Regulations (PUE).
  • At the end of the repair or installation work, it is necessary to start operating the equipment only after carrying out electrical safety tests (measure the resistance between the metal parts of the equipment and the grounding bolt; measure the insulation resistance between the equipment case and current-carrying circuits; test the insulation of current-carrying circuits for breakdown).
  • When interacting with reagents, it is necessary to observe the safety measures posted in the accompanying documentation for these reagents. It is also necessary to use certain protective equipment for the eyes and skin, and a respirator for protection of breathing.

We offer to order a system for the treatment of industrial effluents "Sengiley" at the manufacturer's price.

You can place an order and clarify the cost directly on the website in the section Treatment of industrial effluents - Sengiley system or by phone 8-499-755-65-95.

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