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"Free delivery" in Moscow and the Moscow region

Only until November 30, 2020 you are given a unique opportunity to purchase biological treatment plants "Diamant" and "Eco-L" at prices of 2018 !!!

Don't expect a price increase, take now at the lowest price!


And also get as a gift FREE DELIVERY of the cleaning station "Diamant" * and "Eco-L" * * in Moscow and the Moscow region.

We create the most profitable and convenient conditions for cooperation, taking into account the wishes of our clients.

* The promotion is valid at the station "Diamant 2,3,4,5,8,12,16" (productivity 0.4-3.2 m3 / day);

* * The action is valid at the station "Eco-L 5,5 +, 8,8 +, 10,10 +, 12,12 +" (productivity 1-2.4 m3 / day);

The "Free delivery" promotion does not apply to the Eko-L 3.3+ station.

Bonus to the manager-septic tank

The EkoRos company offers a bonus program for those enterprises who plan to order treatment facilities from us. When ordering cleaning equipment * in the amount of 300 thousand rubles or more, you will receive a SEPTIC ** AS A GIFT!

We guarantee the delivery of goods within the agreed time frame and look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!

* The bonus program involves the station of household cleaning "Diamant", storm cleaning "Rhine", storage tanks, the building of the pumping station.

** A septic tank "Eco-L 3" or its monetary equivalent is provided as a gift.

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