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Tubular aerator HYDRIG AIRO-HYD

The EСOROS company sells modern aeration devices. A tubular aerator distributes the air that is pumped by the compressor, this is done to oxygenate the waste water in bio stations. cleaning. The device consists of:

  1. part-tubes for air supply;
  2. stubs;
  3. supporting fastening element;
  4. aeration sleeve;
  5. air supply pipe.

The polyurethane aerator sleeve is characterized by increased resistance to physical influences and difficult conditions.

This polyurethane is of very high quality. purchased from the German company BASF, the sleeve is perforated to improve the air flow. Membrane pipes. the aerator is self-cleaning by short-term blowing. If there is no air supply, the device works as a check valve and does not allow water to enter the system.

You can place an order for this equipment by phone +7 495 2255 220 (Call within Russia is free)

  • The advantages of this tubular aerator:
  • high performance membrane
  • service life 10-12 years
  • made of proven quality materials
  • has minimal hydraulic resistance
  • retains elasticity for a long time
  • reliable sealing that prevents debris from entering the system
  • suffers water hammer
  • mold resistant
  • Design features of the tubular aerator:
  • Simple and convenient
  • Made from modern materials
  • Replaceable film thanks to which you can extend the service life by 30-40%
This video shows how you can independently change the length of the tubular aerator HYDRIG AIRO-HYD
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